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Panama law firm dedicated to the practice of law and headquartered in the city of Panama in Central America.

Panama lawyers offering a wide range of general legal services to both local and foreign .
Like all legal professional who provides legal services: we rely on the principles of good faith, ethics and maintain professional secrecy.

Group of panama lawyers duly registered in the Supreme Court .

Panama International Lawyers

Trying to always stay up to date with the latest legislation that have come out .
We have strategic alliances with other professional groups: lawyers, economists, accountants both panamanians and international financial groups.

We try to always give 100 % percent in each of our jobs, being a positive mind and the experience our great strength .

Aware of the growth of the country, considered the fastest growing in Central America, being an attractive destination for many foreigners from around the world who want to invest and do business, we maintain a serious commitment that conforms to the reality in which we live.

The lawyer builds dreams. We have seen several companies that have become very successful in our country.

The lawyer resolves disputes and cases, becoming an analyst professional.

Lawyers must do legal work in conjunction with the various government institutions, and in some cases it is not so easy, but the experience and the law is the guide to carry out these issues. Usually some people who are not lawyers get desesperate with their cases.

A legal advisor has the knowledge that above all law is the constitution where equality is guaranteed to both domestic and foreign, and followed the constitution is the administrative procedure, where government institutions all have a stipulated time to adequately respond to any process.

We are proud to be part of such a wonderful profession and to provide our services in our country.

Our mission is to become a leading firm and chosen by many people and companies from the world.

Legal Services

One of our specialties is in the field of Business Law or Corporate, creating SA in Panama for foreign or offshore and local companies, private foundations both offshore and local, facilitate the opening of all types of offshore bank accounts
Legally advise entrepreneurs and individuals based on the applicable law on the basis of their commercial activities, such as general contracts, purchases and real estate transactions

Panama Business Lawyers - Commercial Law

Offshore Company in Panama

Corporations are applicable as Offshore Company or Offshore Corporations

Corporations are created and used by the business and financial community for purposes such as purchasing goods, Panamanian Corporations can be used from any contry in the world. Corporations are recorded in the Public Registry of Panama .

Panama is known as an important place for large structuring business, because of its geographical position has become an international financial center.

Corporate Accounts

Most clients need a corporate account for their companies (or Foundations), otherwise the entity is generally useless for achieving their goals. We are aware that the account type you select is essential to achieve your goals, so we have provided a variety of account types to choose from.

Application for all licenses

We advise and work in all types of application for licenses in Panama and in the industrial property advice and see the trademark registration, patent registration and copyright.

Panama emprende is the place where you can arrange a commercial license or notice of operation .

Any license or permission, of any institution usually the method is similar, because usually the requirements are accompanied by a power of attorner. We can send the form with the information you need for any license.

Panama lawyers Immigration

In recent years the economy of the Republic of Panama has been considered one of the most stable in the Americas and the real estate boom and the advertising and marketing of Panama internationally have been some of the main reasons why people come from other countries for business

The new Decree Law 3 of February 22, 2008 which is the Panama immigration regime, as it determines the regulation of the migratory movement of incoming and outgoing domestic and foreign, the conditions for obtaining permits or visas for entry and stay of foreigners in the territory of Panama; and the requirements and procedures to acquire Panamanian citizenship by naturalization, among other things.

In our section of permits or visas in Panama want to mention that this is a new section where we have incorporated all immigration categories, the procedure, requirements and costs, we have interpreted the decree law of 3 February 2, 2008 with a single content of our firm to provide all our customers an easy understanding of the system to acquire its permit or visa either temporary or permanent. We have this section as one of the most visited on our website and is viewed by many people daily.

Panama is not only taken into account by people from other countries to do business , the New York Times published in its travel section 45 places to travel, placing Panama at number 1, further mind Province Bocas del Toro appeared in Forbes magazine as one of the tourist destinations to visit and describing it as a paradise of Americans have written articles that have settled to live in that province .

Because the position of this country, is considered one of Latinamerica with the most flights many of which arrive in Panama, are scale type, located in Central America connects to North America and Latin south

Of course The Panama Canal is the special project of this country, is recognized internationally and is visited by thousands of tourists annually, its visitor center at Miraflores for example, contains a good infrastructure to introduce people from all parts of the world.

Permits and licenses for companies that will operate in Panama .

As lawyers in Panama started from the beginning with the companies that come to Panama to do some kind of business , we see all kinds of companies and are all kinds of activities.

Panama Investment tax incentives and Benefits

If a company that handles large sums we can also advise on purchase tax incentives granted by the government of Panama by Law 54 or Law 76 of the Ministry of Trade and Industry which are the two main ones, but there are other more ; these tax incentives ranging from reduction in tax , legal guarantees to where the government agrees to indemnify in respect of damages for any reason that the work of the company are prevented.

Ship Registration - Panama Maritime Lawyers

The Register of ships Panama is number one worldwide in popularity because of the low registration taxes as well as fees, compared to other countries around the world. Registration of marine vessel in Panama is widely used by international shipping companies, due to the numerous advantages .

At the time of enrollment, all vessels must pay a one-time enrollment, based on a sliding scale plus a government fee. The registration of the sales invoice is $ 0.20 per ton or fraction thereof, plus 20 % surcharge. Annual tax is $ 0.10 per net ton, in addition to other charges.

The labor laws regarding the Panama flag vessels are also an important consideration, and the income from international shipping activities is specific and are exempt from income tax in Panama .

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